What are Antioxidants and Their Benefits Found in Fruits and Vegetables?

What are Antioxidants and Their Benefits Found in Fruits and Vegetables?

Antioxidants play a crucial role in overall health. They are essential disease-fighting compounds that help defend your cells from damage caused by harmful molecules, also known as free radicals. 

Sadly, unchecked free radical activities have been linked to inflammation of the joints, heart diseases, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and more. 

While our body does produce some powerful antioxidants such as glutathione and alpha-lipoic acid, plant-based foods are a great source to obtain other antioxidants such a vitamins C and E to help reduce the risk of these diseases.

While many people may believe that antioxidant supplies are an easy way out, evidences suggest that antioxidant supplements do not work, and they can, in fact, increase our cancer risk. Therefore, it is highly recommended to increase our antioxidant intake through food, and primarily through fruits and vegetables. 

Which Foods Are The Best Source of Antioxidants? 

Often the naturally brightly colored fruits and vegetables are richer in antioxidants. Some great choices include blueberries, raspberries, apples, broccoli, kale, and spinach.  They are also abundant in whole grains, legumes, nuts, poultry, and fish. 

All of these and more help fight cell damage which can be caused by:

  • Pollution
  • Stress
  • Sleep disorders
  • Consumption of high-fat foods
  • Eating too much processed, refined, and junk foods
  • Smoking and…
  • A poor diet

Cooking temperatures and methods can increase or decrease antioxidant levels. Cold-pressed juices are the best way to retain the antioxidants and bioactive compounds.

A disciplined lifestyle and healthy eating habits can give your body high-quality nutrition, which can help you live a longer and healthier life. 

What other beneficial nutrients are available in fruits and vegetables?

In addition to antioxidants, fruits and vegetables contain many minerals and vitamins that are good for our health. These include vitamins A, C, E, B, K. You’ll also get zinc, phosphorous, folic acid, and fiber.  They all contribute to reduced obesity, low cholesterol, and low blood pressure. 

Since every fruit and vegetable contain different combinations of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients, it’s highly recommended that we get the most of our five a day. 

We understand that making cold-pressed juices at home is time-consuming. 

Nectar’s cold-pressed juices supply antioxidants in liquid form for easy absorption. 

As mentioned earlier, naturally brightly colored fruits and vegetables are richer in antioxidants. However, we are aware that some food manufacturers use dyes to make their products more attractive to buyers.  We offer you a juice free from any tricks or gimmicks. Just cold-pressed juice the way nature intended.

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