Our Process

Why Choose Nectar Cold Pressed?

Our core message is simple. Expect the best. Expect the freshest produce, expect the best value and expect the most delicious cold pressed juice on the market.  

We source farm fresh Australian fruit and vegetables and delicately crush them in a chilled environment ensuring our juice the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients that each piece of produce has to offer. Unlike conventional juices that rely on preservatives, concentrates, added sugar and additives, we offer you a juice free from any tricks or gimmicks. Just cold pressed juice the way nature intended.

High Pressure Process (HPP)

Nectar Cold Pressed Juice proudly utilise revolutionary High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology to preserve the nutrients and living enzymes in our juice. By applying cold water and high pressure to our sealed bottle we are able to provide you a delicious juice that's free from heat pasteurisation, preservatives and other additives.