Our Story

With many years of diverse and specialised experience in the food and beverage industry our team was forged with a genuine passion to create Australia's favourite cold pressed juice.

Nectar began in 2013 and was founded by an International Chef, one of Sydney's top Sommeliers and a juice bar Entrepreneur. Noticing an ever-increasing demand for healthy and delicious beverage options the team began crafting a range of products that balanced the perfect blend of health, taste, value and convenience.

Nectar became the first company in Australia to offer fruit and vegetable based cold pressed juices that utilised HPP technology and were soon stocking the fridges of cafe's, restaurants and retail outlets across the East coast of the country. Since 2015 we are also proudly found on the shelves of all Harris Farm Markets within New South Wales, a testament to our vision and passion.

From humble beginnings in a local cafe, the brand has now become synonymous with quality, freshness and flavour. The brand continues to grow as we strive to make our juices available to everyone across the country.