Contract Manufacturing

We Contract Manufacture For Australia’s Leading Juice & Specialty Beverage Brands


Who Are We?

Nectar Cold Pressed and our sister company were the first Australian Company to innovate fruit and vegetable based Cold Pressed Juice, utilising High Pressure Process (HPP) technology. Although this was our initial offering Industry demand soon lead to the production of specialty beverages such as, Nut Milks, Protein Waters, Superfood Smoothies & Coconut Waters. Some of our clients also use our juice as a premium ingredient to enhance other products such as, Ice Cream, Cider & Beer. Our central location in Sydney has allowed us to build a strong network of Farmers / Producers to source the freshest ingredients. Synergy Food Group is licensed to produce both raw unpasteurised juice and juice utlising HPP technology and is HACCP certified.  

Our Clients

Our clients range from large corporations to boutique juice and specialty beverage brands who have a passion for providing high quality, innovative products to their loyal, health conscious customers. Whether it’s for the markets, cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, supermarkets, or international distribution we’ll tailor a cold pressed juice brand or specialty beverage that you can be proud of.  

Expect The Best

Our core values are simple. Expect the best. Expect the freshest produce, expect the best value, expect the best service and expect your brand to be the most delicious product on the market.  

The Cold Pressed Difference

We source farm fresh Australian fruit and vegetables and delicately crush them in a chilled environment ensuring our juices have the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients. Unlike conventional juices that rely on heat pasteurisation, preservatives, concentrates, added sugar & other additives.  

High Pressure Process (HPP)

We provide a revolutionary High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology to preserve the nutrients & living enzymes in the juice or specialty beverage providing your customers a delicious product that’s free from heat pasteurisation, preservatives & other additives. Contact Us to discuss your contract manufacturing requirements.