The Health Benefits of Cucumbers

The Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Many people think that cucumber is a vegetable, when in fact it's a fruit!

In fact, it belongs to the same plant family as that of watermelon and squash (the Cucurbitaceae family).

Whether you have your cucumber in a salad or a sandwich, cucumbers are renowned for their cooling and detoxifying properties. And it makes sense to have cold pressed cucumber juice for its health and immunity-boosting properties. 

What Immune Boosting Nutrients Do Cucumbers Contain?

This water based vegetable (or fruit, to put it correctly) is exceptionally hydrating.

More than that, cucumbers are high in beneficial nutrients, plant compounds, and antioxidants while being low in fat, sodium, cholesterol, and calories.

They offer you a more significant level of protection against many diseases, infections, and even age related ailments. 

Below are the highlights:

  • Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants and can fight disease causing free radicals. They offer immunity against autoimmune diseases, including cancer and problems in the heart and lungs.

    The antioxidants flavonoids and tannin, in particular, have been shown to limit the release of free radicals that roam in the body.
  • Cucumbers are composed of 96% water, promoting hydration. Water plays a crucial role in regulating body temperatures, maintaining electrolytes balance, and transporting waste products and nutrients. 

    All of these roles affect everything from metabolism to physical performance. And because cucumbers are full of water and low in calories, they may aid you in losing weight.   And with even a small amount of weight loss, you are reducing the risk of many lifestyle diseases, like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, that increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Because cucumbers are low in carbohydrates, they help with elevated blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of hypoglycemia and diabetes related complications.  Some theories state that the cucurbitacins in cucumber help regulate insulin.
  • Cucumber has a high amount of vitamin K. This vitamin helps with blood clotting and improves calcium absorption. Together they contribute to good bone health and lower risks of fractures. Vitamin D also contributes to optimal bone health. 
  • Cucumbers contain fisetin, an anti-inflammatory substance that plays a crucial role in protecting the brain from neurological diseases like Alzheimer's.  It also improves your memory and prevents learning impairments. 

As you've learned, not only are cucumbers refreshing and a versatile addition to your diet, but they are also very beneficial.  

You don't have to eat a lot of cucumbers to enjoy all of these benefits.

In fact, you don't even have to eat cucumbers when you can reach for a bottle of Nectar Cold Pressed's Green with Envy and/or Sweet Cheeks juice. 

Regardless of what you choose, cucumbers will help you go a long way to preventing potential health problems while boosting your immunity and overall adding more vitality to your life.

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